Load Rite Galvanized Tandem and Tri-Axle Bunk Trailers

Load Rite's SA® Bunk models offer a hybrid technology combining the articulation of a roller model with the hull contact area of a bunk, resulting in greater hull surface contact. The sturdy galvanized frame will offer years of service. Easy to load and launch, SA® Bunk models are a great alternative to both roller and traditional bunk models.
5STARR Galvanized V-Bunk Trailer
Load Rite Galvanized Tandem and Tri-Axle Bunk Trailers
Options may vary by model and region.

Optional Features
•Spare tire and carrier
•Radial tires (76" wide models)
•LED lights (76" wide models)
•Heat shrunk wire splices
•Aluminum wheels  
•High speed wheel balancing
•Vortex Hubs*
•G5 Stainless disc brakes*
•(*Vortex and G5 cannot be combined)
•102" overall width (96" wide models)
•Drop-style tongue jack
•Stainless brakelines 

Trailers may be shown with optional equipment installed.

Standard Features
•Galvanized steel frame
•LED lighting 90" and wider
•Torsion axle 96" and wider
•Disc brakes where installed
•Radial tires on torsion axles
•Fully articulated TPR roller system
•Thermo Plasticized Rollers
•Aluminum diamondplate fenders
•Tongue jack 17' and over
•2 Plus 3 Years Coupler to Taillight Warranty

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